How To Take Off Years With One Trash Bag

Biodegrable Trash Bags A while back I became obsessed with trash. At my house we recycle diligently (ok maniacally, have you ever seen a land-fill? Gross). I have two trash cans in the kitchen and I am proud to admit the one for recycling fills up faster. But one thing that was always on my mind as I took out the bags in both cans was that even the recycling was being dumped in a plastic bag. Not good.

At first I decided to dump out the recycling into the blue trash can and re-use the bag but wow, that was a messy, quickly abandoned idea! And then I discovered biodegradable trash bags. I won’t bore you with a review of any one of the brands but I will ask you to click over to Amazon and check this out: biodegradable trash bags (and lots of other people have written reviews to peruse). I can tell you that these bags are just as strong as non-biodegradable trash bags and if you have to double them, so what? That may cost you a bit of extra change but will save the landfills and oceans tons in plastic waste. Sure, biodegradable trash bags may not be as cheap, cheap, cheap as their petroleum-based alternatives  — which can live in our oceans and in the landfills for OVER 500 YEARS, that is many generations of people living next to our trash bags from 2014 — but isn’t saving our planet from the islands of plastic waste killing ocean life and destroying cultures a better way to go? Biodegradable trash bags, one of the easiest choices we can all make to save the planet.

(And yes, the photo reveals my attempt to show you how strong the bags are….cheesy? Perhaps).