Saving Plastic from Itself and the Oceans

re-use plastic bags

Today is Sunday. And every Sunday I return from the Farmers Market in Hollywood with a cart full of fruits and veggies brought home in my half dozen or so Baggus (everyone should have a dozen of these). I freeze most of the fruits for smoothies in freezer bags and then I pack up the rest of the veggies in the same storage bags and keep them in the fridge. Every week. Today’s blog tip? Recycle, rewash and reuse your storage bags until they literally can store no more. We have open conversations about using less plastic when we shop and bringing your own bag but these little storage bags are no less a stranger to the plastic islands in the oceans than our shopping bags. To show how easy reusing your storage bags is, I give you the photo diagram below. And by the way you’ll note that I am not a person who has chic clothing pins around to make the kitchen look fresh, instead I am using an office clip. I have plenty of those. Clip away and save the oceans, the fish and a world’s population which depends on clean, plastic-free water.

Plastic bag collage

Check out 5 Gyres and the work of Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins, with scientists from around the world, for more information on the extent of plastic pollution in our oceans. Plastics and the oceans. Heartbreaking. Small changes make big differences.