The Sun Will Come Out….Tomorrow…


…but until then…keep your feet warm and dry with my new favorite throw-on, all-purpose, retro-chic and very vegan boots Bogs Boots. I wore Uggs for years. Like most people I never considered what animal was being destroyed to make my warm calf-high boots, I just liked that they were indoor/outdoor and easy to put on. Not long after going vegan I finally realized that Uggs were made from sheep skin and there was no way to get sheep skin without killing a sheep whether to eat or to wear and I wanted (nor needed) any part of it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 1.06.07 PM

Amazon is full of faux fleece lined boots and I now sport a pair of ACORN faux chinchilla slippers around the house but my feet were flummoxed in terms of keeping them dry and warm for my 6:00 AM pool runs. Enter Bogs.

Sadly, not all Bogs are vegan but a quick search will give you plenty of great, and often seasonal, options.

Vote with your dollar — if we buy more vegan Bogs then they will make more!