Great People: Kate Theis

Kate and Me at the Coffee Bean

I happen to know some really great people and I’m excited to use this space to introduce you to some of them, people who have really helped me on my journey. One of these people is Kate Theis. Sadly though, this post has a heart-breaking ending. This is my tribute to Kate. I met Kate […]

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Sunday Farmers Market and the Walnut Guy

If you are not eating walnuts daily you and your body are missing out!

Meet Christopher Schubert of Rancho La Vina, growers of the most truly delicious walnuts known to animal and humankind. No kidding. These walnuts kick all other walnuts’ shells. To be honest I wasn’t particularly hip to the super powers of walnuts until I met Christopher. But without much arm twisting needed, Christopher convinced me to try my […]

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My 40-year-old Dollhouse and Nick the Grandkid

Niko and the Dollhouse

I’ll be the first to say that biology does not make family. Featured in this post is my incredibly clever and strikingly handsome grandson Nick. Nick, however, is not my biological grandson. His birth father is my former foster son, John. John no longer parents Nick so its up to me and Nick’s awesome mom, […]

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