Faux-Leather from Toe to Sofa #fashionablyvegan #veganhome

A few weeks ago I shot a video at Micheal Levine’s fabric store in downtown Los Angeles. Micheal Levine’s has a terrific selection of faux-leathers to offer as an alternative to cow’s skin when you are upholstering furniture. Cow skin, aka leather, is not fabric and I wanted to debunk the idea we hold that cow’s skin is an organic, kinder option for furniture. New technologies now offer an incredible variety of vinyls which have the look and feel of leather without all the tanning chemicals, or cruelty. Heres a link to the video: Vegan Upholstery: Faux-Leather options for Home – same look, no animals harmed 

Faux-Leather at Michael Levines

What did I wear to shoot in? Faux-leather of course! Just the shoes since my Saturday Night Fever days are far behind me! Skirt is Prada Dip-Dye and almost 10 years old. But I also ferventely don’t beleive in fast fashion. Buy good quality clothes and they both don’t show their age or go out of style. Top is Dolce Gabbana “It’s a Pirates Life” because I love French Pirates and the shoes are faux-leather in nude by Kurt Geiger.