Succulents: Waterless Drought-Resistant Joy!


I love succulents. I love them because they are colorful and geometric and simple. I also love them because they are truly the only thing green that I don’t manage to kill. And I love them even more for that reason, not only because they can withstand my forgetful plant watering dementia but because they don’t need all that extra water which makes them one of my very favorite happy plants for our homes and for the planet!

Even better about succulents is how great they look in footed bowls! Our footed bowls do not have drain holes which according to Troy Silva, Founder and CEO of the Museum of Natural Art, a non-profit working very smartly to use drought-resistant succulents to beautify all the junkie parts of Los Angeles, is actually what you want for indoor succulents and even very workable for succulents who hang around outside.

We’ve¬†actually done all the work for you and planted succulents in the footed bowls ready to ship; however we wanted to share with you our steps so you could plant your own succulents as well. Footed bowl not required by strongly encouraged!


Secret ingredient – mix play sand with cactus soil. This helps the roots aerate. The number one killer of succulents is water rot! Poor little roots are used to dessert conditions not floods.







All photos by the very talented Mark Kerckaert.

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    Love your work and great ideas!