Save a Couch, Buy A Tree (Cat)


Cute, aren’t they? …these little furry four-pawed creatures with whom we share our homes. There’s nothing I love more than petting bellies, rubbing ears and hearing happy purrs of kitty contentment. There is nothing I hate more than saying goodbye to a favorite item of furniture because someone has decided they needed a good stretch that involved piercing any available upright piece of wood and dragging their nails down its entirety.

But to be honest, for years I fought the cat tree. I found nothing to like about these carpet-covered, multi-leveled cat “condos” (haha, really?) which would either get knocked over during World Wide Kitty Wrestling championships or Olympic-style high-jumps that involved leaping off the tree at great speed. I hated picking up the shredded carpet I would find in balls at the bottom of the tree and the overall aesthetic had nothing to do with my minimal, and ever-so-subtle choice of furniture.

But after re-upholstering my favorite couch yet again, I knew something had to be done. Introducing Molly and Friends. Yes, they are not the cheapest cat trees in the forest but they are the best. Handmade in Florida, my Molly and Friends tree has lasted years, providing a climbing refuge for many a foster kitten. I think the tree may finally need to be replaced but, in the meantime, my couch does not.