Biodegradable Poop Bags, Not Just For Pups


Everyone loves these bags and by everyone I mean every dog owner I know. Fido and you are out walking, enjoying the green scenery, Fido drops a little one and you get the satisfaction of knowing you are cleaning up after your furry friend without damaging the planet. BUT what about the cats! I’m so surprised every time a cat loving friend comes by and comments on my use of these bags to clean up litter that I thought: ¬†time to bring this to the publics’ attention! Yes, we all know that clumping litter is terrible for the planet but if you have finicky furry ones like I do and a few of them you’ll soon discover that Whiskers won’t touch corn litter and even if she did corn litter can not handle the bombs the little fluffy things can leave behind. Enter in the biodegradable poop bag. This bag truly is “pennies per poop” (thats the company’s registered trademark) and can hold a lot of clumpy cat litter. At least we can feel better about not leaving plastic trapped litter bombs in our land fills.