It’s Healthy to Be Salty!


Some people are sweet people and some people are salt people. I am both people. I love sweets like dates and raisins and chocolate just as much as I love chips and nuts and popcorn. But today’s post is on salt. Because I love salt. However I don’t take salt for granted. Not all salts are created equal. In fact in the salt kingdom there is a huge hierarchy. Commercial salt sucks and is bad for you. Pure Himalayan (aka pink) salt is good for you. In fact better than good. Himalayan Salt, which is mined in the Himalayan Mountains, has a boat load of enviable health benefits including controlling the water levels in the body which helps create a stable pH balance in the cells. Pink salt puts necessary, good minerals back into your body. (There are a ton of other web pages that list all the incredible benefits of pink salt for you to google.) Here’s your take away: Table salt sold by the cute little girl with the umbrella and rain boots is full of additives, chemicals, and anti-caking agents. Table salt pulls water out of your body and kills good bacteria. Table salt will lead to illness. Pink salt will help balance your body. Pink salt good, Morton’s bad.

So where does one buy this elixir of the gods? I buy pink salt from my local farmers market from a vendor who, quite wonderfully, also sells online. Click on the words Seasoned Salt to meet my all-time favorite salty friend (seasoned pink salt!) but browse away! Not only are you helping your heart and your taste buds, you are also supporting World Flavorz, a small business!

PS Those really cool shakers featured in the post can be found here: Footed Shakers